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Aizu PR

An English booklet has been created for publicizing Aizu to the world. When you read it carefully, you found a misnomer (an error in writing) on the last name of Masayuki Hoshina, the lord of the Aizu domain. The booklet says "Hoshino" not "Hoshina".

Your task is to write a program which replace all the words "Hoshino" with "Hoshina". You can assume that the number of characters in a text is less than or equal to 1000.


The input consists of several datasets. There will be the number of datasets n in the first line. There will be n lines. A line consisting of english texts will be given for each dataset.


For each dataset, print the converted texts in a line.

Sample Input

Masayuki Hoshino was the grandson of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Output for the Sample Input

Masayuki Hoshina was the grandson of Ieyasu Tokugawa.