For beginers

Solving Problems

Please register at registration page.


Select a problem from finders and solve it by programming in C, C++, JAVA,etc. Please try Hello World first for orientation.


Submit your program through submission form available on the problem sheet.


Check the correctness of your program at Judge Status.


Check your position in the Rank List. You can also check the ranking for each problem.


Please use standard input and standard output. Your output must be exactly the same as output the judge prepared. So, you should not output any extra space, blank lines, etc.

Participating in Contests

You need the user registration as mentioned above.

Please visit Contest List to check scheduled contests.

When a contest starts, the corresponding link will be available.

You do not neet to register the contest. After you submit a solution, you will appear in the standing.

AOJ tutorial is available from here (Japanese only)