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Latitude and Longitude

The position on the earth can be expressed in terms of two angles, latitude and longitude. Latitude is the angle that represents the north-south position, and longitude is the angle that represents the east-west position. Angles are usually expressed in degrees, but they can also be expressed in seconds. An angle of 1 degree is 3600 seconds. For example, 10.2 degrees is 36720 seconds.

Given a latitude and longitude angle in seconds, write a program that converts them to degrees. The conversion from seconds to degrees can be obtained by dividing each value by 3600. However, in this problem, the decimal point of the calculation result should be discarded.


The input is given in the following format.

$La$ $Lo$

In one line, latitude $La$ ($72,000 \leq La \leq 165,600$) and longitude $Lo$ ($442,800 \leq Lo \leq 554,400$) are given as integers.


Output the latitude and longitude expressed in degrees, separated by spaces, on a single line.

Sample Input and Output

Sample Input 1

72000 500000	

Sample Output 1

20 138

Sample Input 2

135090 503784	

Sample Output 2

37 139