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Circle in a Rectangle

Write a program which reads a rectangle and a circle, and determines whether the circle is arranged inside the rectangle. As shown in the following figures, the upper right coordinate $(W, H)$ of the rectangle and the central coordinate $(x, y)$ and radius $r$ of the circle are given.

Circle inside a rectangle


Five integers $W$, $H$, $x$, $y$ and $r$ separated by a single space are given in a line.


Print "Yes" if the circle is placed inside the rectangle, otherwise "No" in a line.


  • $ -100 \leq x, y \leq 100$
  • $ 0 < W, H, r \leq 100$

Sample Input 1

5 4 2 2 1

Sample Output 1


Sample Input 2

5 4 2 4 1

Sample Output 2