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Card Game

Taro and Hanako are playing card games. They have n cards each, and they compete n turns. At each turn Taro and Hanako respectively puts out a card. The name of the animal consisting of alphabetical letters is written on each card, and the bigger one in lexicographical order becomes the winner of that turn. The winner obtains 3 points. In the case of a draw, they obtain 1 point each.

Write a program which reads a sequence of cards Taro and Hanako have and reports the final scores of the game.


In the first line, the number of cards n is given. In the following n lines, the cards for n turns are given respectively. For each line, the first string represents the Taro's card and the second one represents Hanako's card.


  • n ≤ 1000
  • The length of the string ≤ 100


Print the final scores of Taro and Hanako respectively. Put a single space character between them.

Sample Input

cat dog
fish fish
lion tiger

Sample Output

1 7