Terms of Use

Notes on the submission

Prohibited Matter

Your programs are not allowed to access any file. Your program should read from standard input and write data to standard output.

Your program must not make new processes (e.g. using system(), fork(), thread, other commands etc.).

Your program must not connect to the network.

Your program must not perform operations which do not use CPU resources (e.g. sleep(), pause(), waiting some events etc.).

Prohibit submissions for purposes other than problem solving.

Intentional use of the above mentioned restricted operations as well as any malevolent program will be considered as attacks on the judge systems. If we find the intentional attack, we may refuse submissions from the corresponding users, computers and domains.


You acknowledge and agree that WEB service and judge may stop because of system maintenance or trouble.

Handling of Submitted and Registered Codes

Commercial uses of the registered codes are prohibited.

You acknowledge and agree that users of this site may use copies or modifications of the public codes only for educational or research purposes.

You acknowledge and agree that public source codes may be opened collectively to persons authorized to access only for educational or research purposes.

You acknowledge and agree that source code submitted may be used by University of Aizu and related research institutes only for educational or research purposes.


The Terms of Use was revised on April 8 2016.

The Terms of Use may be modified in the future without notice to you.

The Terms of Use is also applicable to activities performed before the revision. So, if you disagree with the revision, please send us e-mails (uoaojs@gmail.com) by July 31 2016, or set 'private' for your source code policy.